I just want to keep it simple and straight … I’m a happy employee and the time I have spent with Pennine so far has been great.. looking forward for more experience and more opportunities.
I would definitely recommend Pennine for anyone who seeks a nice and friendly work environment and growth opportunities.

Baljinder Singh Virdi

I’ve been working with Pennine since September and I have yet to have a more enjoyable experience working security in the past 3 years straight in the industry. I’ve been acknowledged for my work ethic by management and I’m perceived as a leader by my colleagues at the contract sites stretching out from Guelph to East York, Toronto. I’ve always got something to do while on the job and I have no fears or doubts about what I’ve been assigned on my shift itinerary. To put it simple: I’m happy at work.


I have been working with Pennine for just over a year after moving to them from another company. I have enjoyed my time working with them so far as they have offered many opportunities outside my current position such as working high profile events and provided training courses to further my knowledge in customer service and security.

Robert F

Overall, I had a good experience working there nearly a yery ago. I missed my site supervisor Ray and the superintendent at the site I used to work at. Also, my trainer, mobile supervisors, Matthew, and Andy.
I just wanted to mention that it does NOT matter where or whatever job, anyone choses to do. You signed up for a job and agreed on a certain hourly rate, you have to do your part as an employee. After all, it takes two sides for any purpose to work.

I don’t disagree nor support those who have given a few star, or 1 star. I just have live and obide with the simple rule I stated above.

Maria C Soegijanto

Our aim in hiring Pennine Security Solutions, was to create a safe and secure home for Residents at Applewood Landmark. They not only have EXCEEDED our expectations in providing the standard of security expected, but also introduced cost saving analyses on how to reduce costs without reducing security. Pennine Security’s Guards have an excellent work ethic and Residents view them as part of the community at Applewood Landmark. Thank you Matthew and Erica for continuing to keep Applewood Landmark a safe and secure place to live!

Jennifer Lawther - Whitehall Residential

We have been working with Pennine for a few years now and have been very IMPRESSED with the level of service provided and his passion for the industry. We ourselves have very high expectations when it comes to dealing with clients, professionalism, and expertise when providing a service so it goes along way when we find a vendor that we feel holds the same values (Pennine fits the bill in all these respects). I have also found Pennine to be TRANSPARENT and HONEST through each endeavour In conclusion I highly recommend Pennine for security services, we continue to work with them to this day and will probably continue for as long as I can for see.

Neal Hallock - Fusion Homes

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