About Pennine

What We Are

Pennine Security Solutions is a privately owned, fully integrated security solutions company licenced and bonded in Ontario. Pennine was founded on the premise of raising the level of service in the private security sector, enhancing professionalism throughout the industry and bringing employee appreciation to the forefront of the business.

What Is Our Main Focus

Our main focus is to the redefine the expectations of a security company, not only as a service provider but as an employer too.

What Do We Do

Through a comprehensive and progressive approach, Pennine Security’s mission is to become our clients complete partner in security through offering an extended network of industry leading professionals, a high calibre of employees and a unique service completely tailored to each of our client’s individual needs.

Our Key Company Values

  1. We proactively work on enforcing best practices and incorporating leading industry technology to provide accountability, diligence and exceptional service to all of our clients.
  2. We believe that our success resides within our employees. We ensure that we hire the right people, effectively train them, position them correctly, offer continual support, recognize their good work and encourage them to progress.
  3. We believe that security is not a stopgap profession and every individual who decides to work for our company can pursue a very rewarding and fulfilling career, regardless of their position.
  4. We believe in embracing change and continually looking for ways to improve our operations and services. We will never say ‘it has always been done that way’.
  5. We live and breathe security. It is not a business to us; it is our passion and our lifestyle. We are taking proactive steps within the industry to reform and renew the way security is viewed within Ontario.

Our Mission Statement

Pennine Security Solutions endeavors to be the most valuable resource of our client’s corporate community.

Regardless of our client’s security requirements, we pride ourselves in offering fundamental support.